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Dean Lewis - English version

In this post, I would like to introduce a singer, who maybe is less known in our country yet, but with the song called Waves, he caught my attention immediately. His debut EP, Same Kind of Different was released last year, and I chose my Top 3 from it. (When it comes to "Waves" and "Need you now" I usually listen to the acoustic version.)

I got to know Dean Lewis thanks to Riverdale. In one of the episodes I heard a song that I really liked, but I forgot to check the soundtrack of the episode. However, a few days later, I heard a song on the internet, and that song was the one I heard from Riverdale. Probably I would check the soundtrack later, but I was so glad for this coincidence, and I really loved the song, so if I had to choose a favourite, I would definitely choose Waves

Maybe beacuse of the Riverdale, but I knew immediately that I’ll love this song, because it has a catchy melody and a meaningful lyrics. Dean in an interview explained that the a lot of people think it’s about relationships, but its more about how we got bored of the things we once loved or got excited about. „The feeling I thought was set in stone, it slips through my fingers” line can refer to that too.

My second favourite from the EP is Need you know, where at first a chorus melody [„Talking next to me when I wake up” part (in the acoustic version)] got my attention. And I think it’s important for a song to have a part that makes you listen to it again. Because maybe at first just that part grabbed your attention, but when you listen to the song again, you’ll realize that you like other parts too. 

And my third favourite is Lose My Mind. This song is Dean’s favourite from the EP, but to me Waves is still the first. But I wanted to put Lose My Mind in the Top 3 too, because the other day I listened to it a lot, and a I really love it now, so a part of me regrets that I didn’t notice this song earlier. My favourite line here was „How can I win when I’m always bound to lose”, because its melody have stuck in my head for days.

But luckily, the Same Kind of Different doesn’t end here, the EP contains six songs. Although that was my top 3, you should check out the other songs too.

All in all, Dean Lewis is one of those singers who deserve more recognition. I hope in the future more and more people will know his name because he definitely deserves it.

Thank you for reading, and sorry for any mistakes, english is not my native language.


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